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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making It Count

Not sure if you caught one of my more practical New Year's Resolutions on the toolbar to the right.  It was to run twice a week for most weeks of this year.  To keep me accountable, I made an official resolution on the Nike+ website and posted my progress on this blog.  (Whenever I sync my Nano, the info automatically uploads to the Nike+ website and thus to this blog ticker.)  

I got off to a great start.  We went to a youth ministry conference in Atlanta for the first week of January and our hotel had a sweet workout room.  I hit the treadmills on the first day.  But alas, I realized as I was getting ready that I had left my Nike+ sensor at home.  This run would have to be extra credit. 

Nick and I decided to run when we returned home.  I hooked my sensor up and decided not to listen to music so Nick and I could talk, so I went without headphones.  At the end of the run, I finished only to realize that I hadn't really pressed start when I thought I had.  Another run unaccounted for!

I haven't met my monthly goal, mostly due to figuring out how to live my personal life between the hours of 5pm-9pm.  But I'm mostly eaten up by those runs that "didn't count." 

The other day, Nick commented that we rarely take pictures anymore.  He proposed that we do more things together that warrant taking pictures.  I'm pretty into that idea.  Here's to making it count!

(In the meantime, I'm checking that Nano twice before I take off on a run!)


Larissa Smith said...

Keep it up! You are doing great! Although it would be very bumming to have those uncounted runs, but oh well.

I also completely understand about having so much to pack into your after-work hours. I always tried to get up early to get some tedious stuff done, so that that evening would be free for more enjoyable activities, but that didn't always work so much. At least I had good intentions.

Amanda's News said...

Maybe I should get one of those Nike things on my blog to make me workout. Lately I feel so burned out on doing the same thing everyday. But maybe with a little motivation (being everyone is looking at my blog to see how much I'm doing) would help. YOU are an inspiration to me:)

Julie said...

Definitely more pictures. I am proud of you, even if your hard work is overlooked by the mean ticker.

Blessed said...

Yes, way to go, Jesse! I need to get one of those to hold me accountable!

I'm with Julie, MORE PICS, please! :)

brooke said...

Hey Girl! I really need to start running again! I miss it. Look forward to reading your blog!

Unknown said...

Jesse -
First, keep it up w/the running. I'm working towards the Germantown Half and it's gonna be tough, but I'm hanging in there.

Second, please file this under "random and slightly stalkerish": I remembered that you went to Destin in Feb last year, which has the same weather estimates (low 70s) as does November, which is when we're considering going this year. What did you think? Were you cold? Let's take this on the downlow: katelareau@gmail.com. Thanks, girl. And God Bless the Internet.

Vacation Craving in February,

Kristy said...

Ok--I finally updated. It's your turn now!

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