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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Prodigal (But Not Really) Cell Phone

Clarification: "Prodigal" (alluding to The Prodigal Son parable in the Bible) actually means "wasteful." I always thought it meant "lost" since some versions of the Bible call the story "The Lost Son." Well, I guess he was lost AND wasteful. Anyways, I didn't know what else to call my cell phone so I stuck with prodigal...but I would like to clarify that magenta razr was actually not wasteful at all, which is what I would like to speak of next...

So, magenta razr returned to me on Saturday. I was so happy to see him/her/it! I plugged it in, powered it up, and sure enough, the voicemail symbol immediately popped up. "Man, this is going to be out of control," I thought to myself, feeling sorry for all of the calls that had been most likely turned away by my full voicemailbox.

Guess how many messages I had? Guess!

Three. Did you guess three? Because my mom guessed seventy-five. (Which was not too much more than I was expecting myself!) ha!

Here were the messages I had in the two whole weeks that I did not have my phone:
  1. Our minister at church: double-checking to see if I had turned in the sermon powerpoint for Easter Sunday.
  2. Charles Kiser: trying to get ahold of Nick.
  3. My mom: saying hi, like moms do.

Wow. That's just really, truly pathetic isn't it? I felt like the greatest loser of all-time.

PS: I did not mention this previously (not out of unimportance but for brevity in the sake of my main subject), but would now like to mention that while I was in Montgomery during the retreat weekend, Nick and I enjoyed a fabulous cookout hosted by my dear friend Ashley Mills. Good times. Holla to YOU, my friend.


Chad Billy-Steve Pknicholson said...

For the record, I called and left a message for my lovely wife, telling her how much I love her and how I was sure she did a great job at the retreat, and she's hot, etc.

And she didn't get it. So really four messages. Or maybe three and a half.

But if someone out there got a really awkward message from me and you've been avoiding me for a couple weeks, you can stop now. But please tell my wife what a great message it was.

Brooke said...

Glad your razr is back. Karma's silly trick was to destroy mine instead. :(

Larissa Smith said...

Don't feel bad. You had told lots of us that you didn't have your phone for a while, even before you posted about it, so there were probably plenty of times that someone thought, "I just really want to talk to Jesse" and then immediately thought "Oh. I can't call her. She doesn't have her phone." and went about their day sadly, and never left you a message. I'm sure that's what happened. ; )

Anonymous said...

i was one of those sad people!

Ashley said...

me too (aren't ashleys the best!)
PS thanks for stopping by -the Lyd says she's sorry for her behavior

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

hey I was totally kidding.hahaha! sorry if I came across as rude. I wasnt trying to be! now I feel really bad cause you actually wrote about me. womp womp. I was kidding. Sorry if I was rude. Love Brooke's Long hair. it looks fab.

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