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Monday, February 05, 2007

I Love Grand Entrances

Now, I know that might shock you, with me being so UNdramatic, right? (If you don't know me in person, that is sarcasm. ha!)

This realization came to me when Nick and I were at the Grizzlies game last week. (In which his beloved Mavericks triumphed.) It was time for the grand entrance of the home team. The lights dimmed. Intense music played, quietly at first. A video played, drawing excitement out of one's bones. An announcer with a deep, compelling voice started with, "LLLLLAAADIES AND GENTLEMENNNNN...." And then, BOOM, fireworks shot, a spotlight shone, and the intense music exploded as the players were introduced.

Man, I LOVE that stuff. Inspiring, exciting, motivating. The pinnacle of grand entrances is for Auburn Tiger Football. The band plays, the cheerleaders lead the crowd in cheers, and then as the crowd says, "WAAAAAAAAR..." and circle their shakers in the air, an eagle flies in a complete circle around Jordan-Hare Stadium. As it lands on the center of the field, the crowd finishes, "...EAGLE!!!!" and erupts into applause and cheering. Immediately, a video starts playing on the jumbotron (sp?)...football highlights from the previous week, inspiring music, motivational words...and then the first intense line of music from "Eye of the Tiger" blares as the Auburn players walk through the smoke, arm and arm, showing their solidarity and intimidation as they take the field. (Check out one of my favorite grand entrance videos from a few years ago at the bottom of this post...)

So I've decided. I would like each of my mornings to begin with a grand entrance. (Especially Mondays!) Here I am, asleep in my bed. The quiet, intense music fades in. My final dreaming moments are highlights of the previous week set to the intense music. Then, an announcer in his deep, compelling voice says, "LLLLLADIES and GENTLEMENNNN....WAKING UP ON THIS EARLY MONDAY MORNINGGGG...RRRREADY TO TAKE ON THE DAY WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE AND NOT GRUMPY AT ALLLLLL...THE ONNNE...THE ONLYYYY... JESSEEEEE FARISSSS!" The music blares to a climax and I open my eyes. Inspired. Excited. Motivated. I jump out of bed and high-five my husband as he squirts coffee into my mouth from a water bottle. Yes, world...here I am. Another chance to take on the day.


Blessed said...

I love this post, Jesse! I am not even a huge sports fan, but it did make me want to go to a game. And, the part about Nick squirting coffee into your mouth is hilarious. I can just see it now. Actually, that should be some type of commercial. For what, I don't know, but can't you see it?

Mommy of Boys said...

I always love those entrances too! They do that at gymnastics meets here! I agree with "Blessed," that would be a good Maxwell House commercial or something.

lee said...

I wonder why this popped into mind?

The yellow stretch limosine that stopped at the curb in the wee morning hours and the chauffeur who opened its doors, with a personal greeting.

Ashley said...

You are a nut! I don't need an entrance as much as I need a theme song- (a favorite Ally McBeal episode).

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