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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Victory of Losing

On Thanksgiving Day, our friend Debbie Moltz lost her battle with cancer.

But not really.

Losing. What is it, really? Forfeiting of the will? Succombing to overpowering circumstances?

My dictionary says the definition of losing is to be deprived of or to cease to have or retain or gain something.

Debbie did not lose. Rather, she won. She won her battle against cancer. Not in the way we expected. Not in the way we wanted. But she won, nonetheless. As observed by one of her sons during her "Homegoing" celebration this morning, Debbie is now cancer-free. She is not in pain. She is not plagued by the horrible disease that sought to take her life.

Cancer did take her life. But it didn't. Because her life was not in her body. And her spirited soul... Everyone knows it is very much alive.

Thank you to all who prayed for Debbie and her family. Although we have lost her presence in our lives, she has gained everything she spent her life pursuing. What a victorious loss.


Julie said...

well said Jess

When my dad was so sick last year I remember realizing that praying for him to be healed might mean God ultimately healing him. Healing him from the brokenness of our life and falliable bodies on earth. Hard to accept, but more wonderful and certainly more powerful. Doctors and medicine can try to heal bodies, but only God can heal our total brokenness.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

This makes me so sad! Yet glad, like you said. I had just started praying for her, too! I found her blog on yours like thanksgiving night, I think. I just kept reading and reading about it, I am so sorry for her family. Bless them all.

khovater said...

Debbie will for sure be missed. I was sorry that we couldn't be there for the homegoing, we were in Fresno but I thought about everybody all day Thursday and Friday. I will continue to pray for her family and all of those who miss her.

Brooke said...

beautifully written. thanks again for setting up the blog... people were really thankful for it even if they didn't realize from whom it originated.

amanda said...

a childhood/high school classmate is currently in his last days (www.mccordfamilytx.blogspot.com). something on one of the comments has stuck with me...."life is short; Eternity isn't."

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