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Monday, November 06, 2006

In Sync and N*Sync

Something extraordinary has happened. My iPod and I are now "one."

Do you ever have one of those days where you put your iPod on shuffle and it plays you the exact songs that are perfect for that moment of your life, as if it were composing your life's soundtrack? That happened to me this morning--I was just needing some soothing stuff to get the day started and it gave me exactly what I wanted. And the moment I needed to start hustling to get out the door, the soothing switched to the N*Sync classic that we all adored at one time but now deny: "Bye Bye Bye." Perfection.

On a different note, I am sitting at Margaret, the head hauncho's desk this morning (which is now a new Monday routine at work...see this post for background), and she has a nifty new flat screened monitor. I was really looking forward to my weekly use of this new technology until I realized that it is not shiny. This poses a problem because no shiny-ness = no ability to see your reflection. Which means that the outcome of the hair that I left to airdry into curls today is unknown. Frizzy? Out of control? Flat on the top? Who knows...? Bring back the huge bubble-screen shiny monitors!


L said...

so...i'm laughing as i read your blog...b/c i have had those moments where every song you needed to hear came on...it's awesome! and...i do hate to admit that at one time i was a huge N*Sync fan...i did love them so! haha!

so...don't worry...i'm coming back to visit in december...i'll call you and let you know when to schedule a "take-2" rematch!

Julie said...

I'll have you know that I won a gift certificate to eat out at a restaurant in downtown Ft Worth for singing the lyrics to bye bye bye on the radio when I was doing a summer internship in college.

Anonymous said...

technology is great...use a mirror

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

oh the world of jesse. who is anony? sounds catty.

Unknown said...

So since I'm not incognito anymore I'll tell you that last year I read an article in the NEW YORK TIMES -- no less -- that espoused your theory of ipods picking up on not just the moods of individuals, but also those of entire parties. Yikers.

Personally, I just listen to the WEVL all day. It forces me to sometimes be in a cajun mood, sometimes indie, sometimes old school country. I enjoy the challenge.

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