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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Memphis Alert

Important Things I Just Found Out Yesterday for Memphians:

  • Chick-Fil-A (at least the one on Poplar between Colonial and Mendenhall) has a special BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal on their yummy milkshakes every Friday. This might be the singular defining discount of my life and waistline.
  • Target is now featuring the new holiday scents of Method products. (Over which I constantly obsess...My favorites are the Almond Scented Wood Floor Cleaner and the Pink Grapefruit Dishwashing Liquid...Oh, and the Vanilla Peppermint Holiday products.)

PS: I have decided to welcome myself into the world of grownups. The capitalization starts here. (After being an administrative assistant for over a year, I can not keep living these dual personalities.)

PPS: HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to one of my best friends in the world and her hubby! Kristy & Patrick's wedding was unforgettable--at sunset on the beach in Destin. She and Patrick are a couple that truly desire to make a difference in God's Kingdom with their marriage. I love you guys!


Brooke said...

Capitals are ok, you'll get used to them. Thanks for the milkshake tip, I hope to make use of it, quite soon.

Unknown said...

oh Brooke, you won't be sorry.

Chad Billy-Steve Pknicholson said...

I can see Chick-Fil-A becoming the new Max. The new Friday night tradition should be hanging out at the Chick for milkshakes. Who's with me?

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