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Monday, October 23, 2006

I Hear Ya, Jay-Z

So, after fifteen minutes, the Nano was set to go last night and I took off on my run. The only problem: it was about, I dunno, 45/50 degrees and I was running in shorts and a sleeveless, thin running top. When I stepped outdoors, I pulled the locked door shut behind me and said, "Brrrr!" But alas, my husband, who would finish way sooner than me, had taken the keys so I had doomed myself to a chilly run.

My frigid arms were tensed & stuck to the side of me as my fingers refused to separate and tried to huddle together for warmth. The "Powersong" on my Nike+ last night was "Numb," by Jay-Z and Linkin Park. In this song, Chester Bennington sings, "I've become so Nuuuumb, I can't feel you theeere..." Boy do I know it.


Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

hahaha! that is totaly one of my running songs too! yay! uhu uhu uhu

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