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Monday, August 14, 2006

it's all happening

well, it is. (all happening, that is.) here is what that entails:

1. family time in charlotte: nick's grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, so we traveled to charlotte a couple weekends ago to attend the memorial service. his family is very close-knit, and it was fun to see aunts, uncles, cousins--the whole nine yards, even if it was under not the cheeriest circumstances.

2. our kind-of vacation: we were going to the beach, then we weren't going to the beach, then we were maybe going to disney world, then we were scrapping that plan and going to the beach again, but in the end we took our end of summer vacation to...memphis. that's right. we went nowhere. and it was nice! we ate some yummy lunch at texas de brazil, had cheesecake at the cheesecake corner, caught a redbirds game with some friends (thanks brooke & josh!), went to see the new polar bears at the zoo (my goodness, they are so adorable!) and (my personal favorite) we stayed at the madison for a night. (an awesome four-star hotel downtown) it was fairly relaxing, and we enjoyed being able to stay in town and chill.

3. transitions: after lots of long talks and many prayers, nick and i have decided not to continue working in youth ministry at sycamore view church after august. it was a really tough process reaching this decision, but we both decided it was what was best for us right now. we needed to be able to say "no" to this, even though it was a good thing that we were a part of. with my full-time job and nick starting up grad school again next week, we decided that maybe this year should be about learning how to build a strong foundation for our marriage, making good friends, and balancing our new life together. our last day at SV will be august 27th. this has been a really stressful thing in our lives lately, and i feel peaceful about the way things are working out and excited about the extra time we'll have to focus on other priorities.

4. the end of summer signifies the beginning of the school year! i am glad that fall is coming. pulling out my favorite jcrew sweaters (oh how i missed you, black wellsley cable turtleneck!), turning off our noisy air conditioning units, watching college football during saturday brunch (WAR EAGLE!), and running in cooler fall weather at shelby farms. i think i am even going to dip my toes back into the school scene again and audit a monthly weekend course taught by dr. fortner on the major prophets that nick is planning on taking. and fall also means half marathon training! oh yes, we have plans to do it again this year. it will be my 3rd one!

so anyways, it really is all happening.


khovater said...

Jesse, I know that choice was really hard for you guys to make. I am proud of you for taking the grow the other areas of your life that you talked about. So wait does that mean that you guys will be back at Highland or will you continue to worship at SV? I love the fall too and my JCrew sweaters. I only have one but hopefully that will change this fall!!Praise the Lord for school starting. I am so excited about getting back into the routine that I love so much. I also love coffee so much more when it is chilly outside. That is exciting about the half. Good thing I don't live in Memphis anymore I might be tempted to train with you. "might" used very loosly. You vaca. in Memphis sounds like it was really fun! Hey I will be dring though Memphis the weekend after laborday. We need to have a girls lunch or an early dinner. I am not really sure what time I will be shooting to come through. Anyway would love to see you!!

Julie said...

I miss you!!!!

I am so thankful that you are going to make a transition that will protect your sanity and your marriage! That took some courage and some steps of faith and I know God will bless you this next year.

I think I also hear him telling you to come visit your good friends in Ft Worth!

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