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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

what's up

it has been forever since i posted on this thing! (sorry leslie.) oh, where to start? the following will be a mod podge of collected events over the past month:

1. i've been a bit down in the dumps for no explainable reason lately. that chewed up most of may, actually. for more insight, you can refer to this previous post. if i've been a bit strange or absent the past month or two, this is why. good news, though: a little zoloft is helping to make the world a brighter place. although i dealt with this several years ago, i am learning again that it is really quite a strange experience to be affected by something that you cannot control on your own. scary, actually. anyways, i'm slowly feeling better and that's all about that.

2. my fantastic fabulous husband and i went on a very nice vacation a few weeks ago. for his wedding gift, i got him plane tickets to boston and....(drumroll please)...tickets to a red sox/yankees game. he is a big huge fan of the sox and this gift went over very well, to say the least. so we spent two fun and whirlwindish days in boston, admiring a very nice collection of impressionism, eating fenway franks, scoring the baseball game (they lost, but it was still thrilling), chowing down on the clam chowder from legal seafood that has been served at the last seven presedential elections, watching sportscenter on our hotel tv as we ate breakfast in bed (we don't have cable at home), and shopping for that special red and blue merchandise. so much fun.

3. after boston, nick and i visited my parents for a long weekend in atlanta. we ate some great home-cooked meals, shopped to our hearts' content at ikea and crate & barrel (gotta love those wedding gift cards!), watched MORE sportscenter, took my parents out to eat for their 32 wedding anniversary at one of my favorite atlanta restaurants...but mostly we just read good books and slept as much as we could. heavenly.

4. of course the month of may was also held captive by the season finales of our favorite shows. gilmore girls: luke is the jerk of the century and i'm not sure if i'll ever like him again, plus i'm also really worried about next season since amy sherman-palladino is not going to continue writing the episodes! lost: what in the world? of course we could expect this show to leave us with more questions than answers and i'll leave it at that. grey's anatomy: perhaps the most depressing 3 HOURS of my lifetime--who did she choose and will george continue to stay with manwoman?? last but not least, the series finale of alias: anticlimatic, only a shadow of what the show once was, but at least vaughn and sydney ended up together forever. i watched that show with the same feeling of watching old yeller get put out of his misery.

5. this week is memphis workcamp, but alas, i am stuck in my office doing administrative work while nick is off sweating and scraping paint off of an old house with 12 other teenagers. i am so seriously jealous. but i'm also glad he get's to join a part of one of my favorite events of the summer. and at least i get to participate in the rockin worship in the evenings. yehaw!

well, that's about it for now. stay tuned--i'm sure there are many more posts to come in the midst of my office boredom!


Kristy said...

sounds like a fun getaway! i've watched season finales that i saved on tivo over and over... bummed about the hiatus. i need to find a new hobby. gardening, perhaps? have fun at workcamp worship!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

ab no. 1..I totally feel ya. Its amazing how peeps just dont talk about it. Like its something thats hush hush, and if more people talked ab it then they would be really enlightened to find that ALOT of people deal with it...anyway...I am praying for you because I understand that struggle! More than I knew I did. Love you!

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