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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i miss you, katie

*sigh* life just isn't the same without katie couric.

i used to open my eyes every morning and wonder, "what will katie say/do today?" i took joy in her giggle. i relished her serious interviews as i clutched my coffee mug in my hand and whispered, "you get 'im katie." between anne curry and katie couric, i always knew how i would i wear my hair that day and what colors my clothes would be.

she wasn't just some plastic tv newsperson that smiled their plastic smile as they told thier plastic news. she had actual bad hair days on occasion. sometimes her eyes looked tired. she mispronouned words and laughed at herself. she told every kind of story--stories that alarmed you, that made you cry with grief, that overjoyed you with warmth in your heart...stories that made you want to change yourself or change the world. she lived her life in front of you.

i just miss her these days. i really do.


Julie said...

I like Katie Couric too, but I am a major GMA watcher and I love Diane Sawyer and especially my flava flave Robin Roberts. Switch over to ABC. You know you want to! All good things are on ABC...Alias, Lost, Grey's, Regis and Kelly, the NBA finals...come on...make the switch...

Tesney said...

I dedicated an entire post to Katie when she made her big announcement about the move (see "A Sad Day"). I miss her terribly. I just can't get into Meredith V. as her replacement. *sigh*

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