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Thursday, May 04, 2006

i like weird movies

you know when you think something is normal about yourself, but it's not...that everyone thinks or acts that way, but they don't? well, i had one of those revelations this past weekend.

i like weird movies.

my very sweet husband has been loaded down with term papers and final exams for his rigorous grad school work, and last friday he still took the time to take me out to a delicious very "memphis" dinner (corky's...mmm...) and
then rented 2 movies to entertain me while he locked himself in his study room. i chose two movies that I thought he might not care about seeing: "shopgirl" and "proof."

(in case you are interested in weird movies too: shopgirl has claire danes and steve martin and is based on a novel written by steve martin...he wrote the screenplay too, i think. in my opnion, it is about what it means to love a person well. proof has gwenyth paltrow, anthony hopkins, and jake gyllenhal, and it is about, in a roundabout way, trust.)

i thought, after watching these movies, that they were good--i like to chew on movies for awhile...process them and turn them over in my mind. these two were good for that. but i realized at the same time that they are not for everyone...

this realization also was further catalyzed by memory of a previous conversation with brooke in the office. i plugged "elizabethtown" hardcore because I LOVE THAT MOVIE. she hated it. i cannot imagine! but as i thought about it more, i realized that i like a lot of weird movies...i know so many people that hate "as good as it gets." i, however, tie it for first place (with "it's a wonderful life") as my number one favorite of all time. i love its theme--seeing the worth of a person.

i also liked (= enjoyed..these are not #1 faves):
garden state
brokedown palace
about a boy
something's gotta give
(okay, i do LOVE that one)
in her shoes

a movie that i'm really looking forward to after seeing the artsy preview: "lucky number sleven." has anyone seen it? opnions?

what's the weirdest movie that you enjoy?
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mguinn said...

most people didn't like elizabethtown, however, i loved it! and i love most of the movies on that little list... if we have the same taste in movies, then i probably need to watch all these... bc i'm sure that i'll like them!

khovater said...

I loved Elizabethtown too!! I am not sure about most of those movies on your list only becuase I haven't seen then expcept for Broke Down Palace and it made me never ever want to visit an asian country. Did I mention never ever!

Kristy said...

On your list, I also am a big fan of several, well all really. I actually thought Elizabethtown was a preppry sort-of imitation of Garden State, which is one of my favorites. On my list of weird movies that I LOVE is also Memento.

Unknown said...

I saw Proof in the theater and thought it was obviously a play first. It was weird, but I enjoyed it too.

has anyone seen Crash, the winner of the Best Picture of the Year? I also saw that one in the theaters and thought it was overwhelmingly profound.

Weirdest movie I love is probably the 1995 ('96?) version of Romeo + Juliet. It really really affected me after I saw it.

amanda said...

those are weird?! 'elizabethtown' the movie was good (yay orlando!), but the soundtracks are more my fave. i love 'about a boy' (or anything Nick Hornby as well as anything British) and 'garden state'.

'crash' is fantastic!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

Yup....Romeo + Juliet...still one of my all time faves. I also really liked fight club, and that was wierd AND bad. I saw it a long time ago.

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