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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the blahs

do you ever feel blah?

i have felt blah lately. i have absolutely no reason to. i have been married for almost 6 blissful weeks to the best man ever. we are having a gorgeous & warm spring in memphis. spring usually makes me giddy. a dear friend of mine is getting married this weekend and i have the honor of being a bridesmaid, and my parents are coming up to attend the wedding. happy events.

what is NOT to love about my life right now? i just can't seem to get pumped up about it, and it doesn't make any sense.

i saw this picture on flickr today and thought it was interesting. some guy merged 50 pictures together of different things (you can "tag" your pictures with one word on flickr...he picked 50 pictures of "happy" and 50 of "sad"). it's pretty cool, actually. but this one resonated with me. because happiness and sadness kind of look the same. and i just feel like that lately. the same.

what do you do to get rid of the blahs?


Unknown said...

Sadly, probably buy a novelty skirt.

Kristy said...

Oh, Jess, I understand the "blahs", and for some reason, they are more "blah" when there is no reason for them to be. And, I've decided that it's ok. And sometimes the harder you try to get rid of them, the longer they stay. A wise friend once said (well, many times said), "you just have to fake it til you feel it." And another friend once made me a "Blessings Book" where I wrote down five good things that God did that day. :) Those philosophies usually help me. Sometimes things have to be blah, so that when they are wonderful, you can enjoy them to their fullest and tell the difference! Love you.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

someone told me recently to start to focus on something that makes you happy when the sad or negative thoughts come, and you start to get down on yourself. Like think of nick, and boot those thoughts. Im currently working onthat...and praying about it which I am weak on..and like Kristy said, fake i til you feel it...and then (Im with leslie on this one) if all elese fails, I go shopping. Well, that and Zoloft always help me...;)

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