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Thursday, December 08, 2005

get lost, josh!

Posted by Picasa my friend (and husband of one of my matron’s of honor), josh, is leaving on sunday for navy reserve bootcamp. he, brooke, and our friends charles & julie get together with us every week to watch the best show currently airing on television: “lost.

[explanation: for those of you who know i am a die-hard alias fan: i still am. but let’s face reality...the show is dying hard itself. i watch, but lately, i have not been proud. i miss you,
michael vartan!]

josh is leaving, and alias just switched back to wednesday nights this week, so we decided to throw a little party. we called it “get lost, josh!”

here is what was on our menu [you will only get this if you watch the show]:
*boars in a blanket
*dharma shark-infested dip w/ chemistry teacher chunks (rotel with chips)
*“everything’s going to change” chicken fingers
*a dingo at your baby muffins (more of an inside joke, but related to seinfeld and claire’s/charlie’s accents)
*j.j.'s token brownies (another inside joke relating to the director’s use of certain actors within his shows)
*kate’s “pucker up” lemonade

a fun time was had by all.


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