a little and a lot

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

clay midyett: miracle worker

i magically got rid of my mouth ulcers on friday morning!  

a dentist friend helped me out.  he “burned” the ulcers with this chemical powder stuff.  it took 10 minutes.  he put the powder on a stick and dabbed it on my ulcers (it stung a little), i swished with water, they hurt a little until noon, and then i didn’t feel them any more.  they had this ugly looking coating the first day, but by the second day, they were GONE!

if you have a problem with mouth ulcers, i will now SWEAR by this method of getting rid of them!  

i went wedding dress shopping right after my dentist appointment on friday, and i was very thankful to be able to smile and laugh and have fun.  

thank you, modern science.  

ps: i will now be conducting an experiment in which i cut out all intake of red powerade and see if that gets rid the ulcers for good...  


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