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Thursday, October 06, 2005

truth takes time

in regards to my previous post:

i am a huge
alias fan. huge. if you know me in my current memphis life, i don't even need to explain this because you just know.

however, for those who may be a little
lost (pun intended, jj fans!), "alias" is a drama directed by jj abrams on abc about a girl named sydney (jennifer garner) and her adventures in the cia and spy-world along with (mainly) her father, jack bristow (victor garber), her love interest, michael vaughn (michael vartan), and her evil (but we're never quite so sure) enemy, arvin sloan (ron rifkin). plots and characters constantly shift in this fast-paced tv show (often compared to the original "mission impossible" tv show), but sydney and these 3 characters (plus a few supporting actors) remain central.

i hate to spoil anything for those of you who might be trying to catch up to this fifth season or if for some weird reason you might be waiting to watch the season premiere. so if the last sentence describes you, stop here.

some people watch this show for
sydney's superswank disguises. some people watch this show for marshall's nerdy charm. some people watch this show to speculate who the "bad guy" is...is it daddy? is it sloan? or neither? both? *i* love all of these elements. but i mainly love the sydney-and-vaughn-forbidden-love theme. first their jobs keep them apart, then her roommate is spying on them, then he's married to a mean girl, then ben affleck showed up in real life and made the on-screen chemistry stink, and NOW...

they KILLED him!
vaughn is dead.

i just don't understand how killing off a main character (the favorite of many fans) will endear even the most devoted alias follower to the currently-struggling show. yes, it's struggling. the plot has been fluffy for the past season. we are ready for OLD alias. leave us asking questions and hanging on the edge of our seat alias. leave us pulling for the characters and believing sydney will save the day.

instead, i am sort of hating the main character for having my favorite character kicked off for personal diva reasons.

regardless, i still like the show. i will still be watching. and i still hold hope that, as some have speculated, michael vaughn is only "alias dead." which as we all know, is not goodbye.


khovater said...

This is not related to alias at all becasue not only do we not have cable but all our channels are super fuzzy. Anyway, I am reading The Lovely Bones. Tell me what you think about it. I got it to read while Steven is in Memphis all this week but I am a wuse and don't like to read the killing/raping sort of books when he is not home. I think that it is so interesting, but really sad. Totally not the way I picutred heaven but it has gotten me to really think about the death process and I how that is so far from my mind but so real. Maybe I should be a little more aware of that kind of stuff. The only book that has made me cry. What is the deal with this Citizen girl book?

khovater said...

who's the blogging slacker now?

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