a little and a lot

Friday, September 23, 2005

five ugly confessions

1. i don’t change my bed sheets every week, and i regularly use the same bath towel more than once.

2. i stayed in my pajamas until 1pm today since it was my day off, which is becoming a tradition.

3. i am not running the full st. jude marathon anymore. it was taking too much time (that i didn’t have) to train for it. currently, i’m still shooting for the half.

4. i secretly like george michael’s music. (well, not so secretly now, i guess...)

5. i bought my tivo when they were offering a half-off rebate and then forgot to redeem it in the mail, thus paying full price.


amanda said...

Ooo...guilty on #1...I discovered the fresh linen spray you can mist on your sheets and it's just like they came out of the dryer! #2 is perfectly acceptable!

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