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Friday, September 02, 2005

fight on ye orange and blue

well, it’s about that time.

you may not be able to smell it in the air just yet (seeing as it’s still stifling hot), but the time has come for COLLEGE FOOTBALL! wahooooo!

you may not know this about me yet, but i am a huge auburn fan. huge.
class of ’02 huge.
cheered them through some loser years huge.
had a crush on ben leard before he was good huge.
wouldn’t miss rolling toomer’s corner huge.
we are the REAL national champions huge.
we hail thee auburn and we vow to work for thy just fame” huge.
i believe in auburn AND LOVE IT!” huge.

nick and i at the au/georgia game last year (oh, and we won...just in case you were wondering. but of course you weren't wondering, because everyone knows that we were UNDEFEATED last year!!)

so anyways...
nick and i are making a pilgrimage this weekend to auburn and atlanta--my two favorite “home” places. we may pay $50 a gallon for gas (i saw a sign on the news that said, "get robbed legally--buy gas!"), but by golly we will get there and have fun doing it! if we’re extra lucky, we may score some free tickets to the auburn/ga tech game. (pass them our way, friends!) regardless, we will be doing a respectable amount of tailgating on the loveliest village on the plains. then up to atl to spend a couple days with the fam. i can’t wait.

see you soon, mom!


lee said...

It's heartwarming to know that of all those years Dad and I spent teaching our children the true meaning of
that at least one of them will make the pilgrimage to home for the holiday.
I'll get the to-do list ready!

amanda said...

Amen! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!! Kick'em in the butt big blue!

Matt Elliott said...

Haven't heard much from you this week, Jesse...

Feeling okay? Cough due to cold? Insect bite? Yellow jackets, maybe? :-)

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