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Monday, August 22, 2005

your lucky day

well i'm so giddy with excitement on account of my internet being back up that i thought i'd leave you with some good quotes from my most recently finished book, "big cherry holler," by adriana trigiani. it is the second in a (fictional) trilogy about an italian woman named ave maria who lives in a hilarious little town in the mountains of virginia.

two things i like about this book:
1. it is written in present tense (refreshingly peculiar)
2. it is full of honesty and clarity

here are a few of my favorite quotes :

how fragile love is. how delicate and small in its first buds. when
it's just an idea, a wish filled with hope. it is so easy to turn away
from it entirely and choose to live alone in your own private fear.
i had
one moment of courage
, and it changed my life. i didn't turn to love out
of loneliness. or out of habit. i let love change me.

weak people are destroyed by the bad things that happen to them...what a
glorious prize you get for not needing people. you get to be safe and
alone, even in your marriage! but all those people who
live and let go and
let life happen to them
, good or bad, wild or serene, they aren't weak--they're

in the very moment that love is mundane, it can become new...i am able to
see new things simply because i am looking for them. how sad i am that
they were here all along and i gave them away as though they had
no value

so there you go...some words to chew on. it's your lucky day.


amanda said...

ooo...good words. i'll have to add that to my reading list. i've read 'milk glass moon' by trigiani and enjoyed it. i'm almost finished reading 'blue like jazz' (hysterical and thought-provoking)and after 1 1/2 yrs i finished 'redeeming love'! woohoo!

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