a little and a lot

Monday, August 29, 2005

there's no place like home...

i might blow away tonight. the wind is pretty gusty out there, and i’m not even kidding. something keeps banging around in our backyard, and my imagination would really like to believe it is a burglar. (don’t worry mom--it’s not...i already made owens check it out!) maybe i’ll wake up tomorrow and head outside to go to work, and there will be a mustard colored sidewalk in front of me with all kinds of little people standing around, some holding giant lollipops...

this weird weather is not only messing with my imagination, it is messing with my head. quite literally. i’ve had sinus headaches every day for a week, and i don’t even have bad sinuses! i’ll bet dorothy had a pretty bad headache after being knocked out for so long in her sepia toned house.

it’s one thing to fall asleep to the sound of a gentle rainfall just outside your window. it’s quite another thing to be lying in bed wondering whether you need to stuff yourself and your dog inside the hallway closet so you don’t end up somewhere over the rainbow.



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