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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

life is not a garden party...but summer camp is!

well well well. what a crazy month it has been.

on a random note:
can i just say that starting a blog entry is always strange...i am not quite sure whom i am addressing. friends? strangers? my mom? (likely. thanks for reading, mom.) no one? (also likely!) i guess the best approach is to jump right in and assume someone cares about what i'm writing?

some things that have happened (to me personally) in the month of july:
1. my 2nd annual trip to independence, belize. (see post below. pictures coming as soon as I get 2 spare minutes to actually look at them.)

2. a trip to virginia and north carolina with the faris family. met granny, grandma & grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins galore. much fun had by all.

3. my birthday was last saturday the 16th, and i am now a quarter of a century old. almost 100. (more reflections on that topic coming soon.)

4. the world-renowned (well at least people-i-know-in-memphis renowned) CAMP HIGHLAND started on sunday. not only am i church secretary by day, but i am moonlighting as a freshman girls' camp counselor this week.

so it has indeed been quite a busy month. but rewarding as well. look for more posts when my life gets back to normal!


lee said...

You're welcome, Dear.

I'll try to break this to you gently:
Don't count on your life ever being "normal"
--whatever that is.

Mommy of Boys said...

I'm readin' ya, babe!

Karen Caples Carpenter

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