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Sunday, May 15, 2005

the first day of the rest of my life

well, hey! welcome to my blog! what do you say to begin one of these things...?

for starters, let me catch you up on where i'm coming from:

i am intrigued by blogs. i've wanted one for some time, but haven't had the time to put into it. but something happened recently that caused me to decide that i MUST get my own. long story short: i was reading the blog of a family friend from my hometown who included a link to one of his friend's sites...it happened to be my MOTHER'S. did anyone know my mom had a blog? no. but she had been posting for months. what a technologically savvy mother.

so then i was ashamed. i was so behind in my coolness that even MY MOM had a blog. how sad. (not that my mom isn't cool--she is the essence of coolness...it's just that, being 28 years her junior, i'm supposed to be on top of this kind of stuff, right?) it was then that i knew that blogging was in my future.

it's crazy the things that can inspire us, huh?

so here i am. and it is the first day of the rest of my life. i just finished grad school, moved into a new house, and my apprenticeship that i've had for the past three years ended today.

so to end today's post...
three things that have inspired me for the past three years:

1. my dog
i adopted my ex-racing greyhound two years ago. (his name is owens.) what a fabulous decision. he makes me so happy! i've learned so much responsibility and patience from taking care of him while at the same time, he is the truest companion i will ever know. and boy is he full of quirky adventures...

owens at bedtime Posted by Hello

2. facing my fears
ok, so it sounds silly...but my greatest fear for a long time was going underwater without holding my nose. i can't explain it. it just made me deathly afraid. i never learned how as a kid. i tried for the longest time to overcome the problem by myself. but i eventually just gave in and took swimming lessons. some of the best money i have ever spent! at the end of those lessons, not only could i accomplish that goal, but i felt like i could do anything else i had been afraid to do! like: allow myself to be girly...make new friends...make an A in greek class...run a half marathon...take a trip to france...or...

before running the st. jude half marathon in december Posted by Hello
(you can see me in action if you click here!)

3. falling in love
holy cow, i highly recommend this one. although it came out of the blue this year, love has taught me all kinds of things about myself! a thoroughly enlightening experience. (sometimes those things are good and sometimes not so much...) the whole experience of being in love makes me want to become the best version of myself more and more. and one of the craziest things about love is that it meets you right in the middle of your all-too-common worst version of yourself. how cool is that?

nick and i after graduation last weekend Posted by Hello

so there you go. three inspirations in three years. not bad at all.


lee said...

I love the faces in those pics!

Welcome to this world...again.
Dive in!
Love, Mom

khovater said...

Congrats on graduation! I am excited about reading your blog! You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you enter this new phase of life. And remember no matter how bad things get Pediactrics East is 10,000 times worse. You might tell yourself well at least it is a pay check, which is true. BUT, you don't want to get paid for prolonging unhappiness!

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